My token is not displayed on Metamask, so i can't send it anywhere

Hello, it’s been some week that i send token to my metamask.
The token is not a popular one, so i had to enter the token adress in metamask to add it personnaly.
some days after, the token is not displayed on metamask.
I clicked on view on Etherscan and it seems that there is the correct amount of Token in my adress.
how do i do to send it if he is not displayed on metamask ?

Hi Matéo add token it again :point_down:
Read section :roll_eyes: How to add a custom token? and What if I don’t know the token address?

Token Contract Address search the site:

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Hello luigi,
i already added the custom token long ago,
i don’t understand what i should do

i created a etherscan account but he is not linked to the wallet metamask open when i click view on etherscan


i’ve do as say the section : How to add a token using
but my problem stay the same

i’ve added my token via the recommendations

metamask openend and all

but when i open metamask my token is not displayed,
please help me i’ve miss several opportunities because of this issues

OK I’ll write you a private message :upside_down_face:

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same, I swapped some bnb to rich maker on pancakeswap, from a new account I created on metamask. It was all good, until the next day for some reason, that account just isn’t there anymore.

I’ve followed all instructions to restore from seed and everything but still have the same problem.

I can see the tokens in the wallet on bscscan, but I don’t have access for some reason.

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