Forgot to add token before I transfer to metamask

Hello Everyone
I forgot to add a new token before I buy and transfer it to MetaMask. On the dex I can see the amount of tokens also in etherscan (tranfer successfull) but the MetaMask wallet is empty. Is possible to “resend” the tokens or I lose the money forever? Now I will try to contact the support of the launching Project as well maybe they have some ideas. Ask me please if you need more details.
Thanks in forward for your suggestions and hints!


Hello @Michiamocoin !
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Everything is fine ! You only need to add the token !
Choose the method that is convenient for you in the following article:


Hi and thanky you for your welcome.

Yes, my worry is that I forgot to add the token before I transfer it. The token is now visible on MetaMask but shows the amount of 0. Now I have also the respond from the owner page. He sayd bcause is only the presale the token is not showing right now I have to claim the token after the presale expire. Im sure and I have affirmed its serious project so I think right now everything will gone be right.
Thx for the fast answer!


Be careful when interacting with unverified contracts and never connect to sites you don’t trust :pray:


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