How can I get imported tokens to display in my wallet?

I am trying to add a custom token to my ethereum wallet. Transactions process whenever I buy more of the token and the expected balance shows up in the display window when I attempt to import, but after the import is complete the token does not appear in the list (I have zero balances displaying and the balance is positive regardless).

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

When you visit (or the block explorer that is network this token is on) , copy in your address for a search, do you see the tokens in your token holds if you look at the drop down list?

Check out ways you can add token balances to your wallet here:


I followed the “add custom tokens” section, since the token I’m trying to add is indeed a custom token, but the token still does not appear.

I start out with my MetaMask connected to the local network where the tokens are situated.

I then enter the token address and the symbol auto-populates.

I enter 0 in the decimal and click add custom token.

The token displays in the confirmation window along with the expected balance.

I’m not sure what a block explorer is, or if the local network has one, but I think that this confirmation window supplies the answer to your question? The transaction appears in Ganache to:

I then click import tokens

But after that step my MetaMask looks like this:

And the token does not appear. Given the confirmations of the token’s presence from other sources I’m not sure what could cause this display failure.

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