Custom token issues

I transferred a token to my Metamask wallet and the transaction was successful. I am unable to add this token through the custom token process. I followed all procedures as suggested in this community, but without success. Help please.

I also bought some ETH. It shows under “activity”, but not as an “asset”. When will it show as asset?



Thank you, but that is the frustration as I am adding the contract address and decimal right, but it is not importing.

Yes, ETH mainnet. Really do not know what to do.
Maybe some settings not right?

I just did and it still does not work. I have added the contract address manually and copy and pasted it. I just have an “infinity wheel” that just keeps turning and turning.

Would you be able to send a screenshot? By infinity wheel do you mean that it is stuck loading?

Hi Winnie

Yes, it does not import. It is stuck, so after 5-10 mins I go out of the program.

Could it be that my settings are not correct?

Also, I bought ETH sometime ago and it reflects in my “activity”, but not under “assets”. Why is this so?



Try importing the token by clicking the MetaMask logo here :point_down:

ETH should be showing up under your assets in Ethereum mainnet by default, try these steps in our Knowledge Base:

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Halleluja! Thank you. Problem solved.

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