Added Custom Token Address for Transfer from Other Exchanges

Please help. I want to transfer SHIB tokens from Cryptocom to my MetaMask. I added SHIB as a custom token to MetaMask. I don’t see the SHIB wallet address under SHIB. Where can I find the SHIB wallet address? I cannot see “receive” under SHIB on MetaMask. It shows only “Send” and “Swap”. Where can I get the SHiB address of MetaMask. I see the account address “0xF--------------” on MetaMask. Is it the same address as the account address on the main screen of MetaMask? If I use the account address (main wallet address), the SHIB tokens I transfer will be deposited into the SHIB account on MetaMask automatically?

Thank you in advance!

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YES :slightly_smiling_face: use your Metamask address 0xF…

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Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

So. the main wallet address is used for all other custom tokens? Then transferred custom tokens will be deposited into their custom token account under the main account automatically? Sorry, I am a newbie to the cryptoworld. I don’t want to get my tokens transferred lost somewhere. Thank you!

MetaMask :fox_face: accepts all ERC20 tokens.
SHIB token on the page Cryptocom is ERC20.

Test transactions with small amounts :money_with_wings::smiley:

Thank you! Be safe and well!

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