Help finding lost shiba tokens

When I first opened MetaMask acct I imported Shiba token from coin base wallet once the transfered accidentally sent them to and address with in my MetaMask acct that I have no idea if it mine or someone else pls help


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Per your screenshot, the two accounts/addresses displayed are associated with your MetaMask wallet. Did you send your SHIB to one of those addresses? If so, be sure to add the custom token to your wallet to view your balance.

You can now also enable Token Detection in your wallet settings.

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I have tried to add custom token and it will not add to acct

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Yes I sent to bottom address and have tried to import custom token it let me copy and paste address and it show name of token but will not let me import token

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What do you mean by, “it will not let me import the token?” What error do you receive? You can view the token on CoinGecko and select the MetaMask :fox_face: icon next to the contract address. Once you connect your wallet, this will add the token to your wallet.

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I sign up up to CoinGecko and I still don’t see were the icon for meta mask is when I go to Shiba currency I see original contract but do not see meta mask icon

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Should I do this from cpu I have been doing everything thru my phone is it be to on cpu

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Yes, you’ll need to do this on your computer via the MetaMask web browser extension.Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 9.26.03 AM

When you select the MetaMask fox icon, you will be prompted to sign in to your MetaMask wallet and approve connecting your wallet to CoinGecko.

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I tried that and it doesnt work I don’t know if this helps but when I look at transaction on etherscan it says I sent from my wallet to zero ex proxy

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This is how it shows in my shiba transactions on meta mask mobile bottom two trans.

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And this is the etherscan transaction is it gone

Pls help me let me know if this is a lot cause

Does this mean I sent to binance address plssss help me

Hello Beth I made some progress just can’t get balance to show

Hello did you see screenshots I added can you tell if this is a lost cause I reset my acct I reinstalled it and it still is unable to load balance the address I sent coins to was already in my meta mask acct I’m not sure but from dnd It’s an address that use to get Shiba on MetaMask

I really need help when you get a chance not sure were this address is from it was in my meta mask acct when I first signed up sent by accident I tried to import using address I can see icon but it says unable to load balance. I be able to see icon if it wasn’t my address correct

The bottom “SHIB” token listed looks like a fake. You already have the correct SHIB token listed above. Search for your public address on Etherscan to reconcile your balance.

That’s the address I sent them to when I tried to import I wrote shib

I accidentally sent them to this address

Bottom address is were I sent my shiba coins