Transfer from Crypto.comDeFi Wallet

I transferred shiba tokens from Crypto.comDeFi wallet to MetaMask and it’s not showing up on the account ? What should I do? Or does it usually take time to show up on the account ??

Are you able to see this transaction on a block explorer such as
If so, you may just have to add the Shiba as a custom token to MetaMask’s token list to enable it to see and display this token.

I’ve added the token already before I make the transfer

Can you help me through it please.
Thank you.

I would recommend checking on Etherscan, and making sure the contract address for the token is correct.

I actually got the contract address from Etherscan so the token was added correctly, and also I can see the transaction on Etherscan but its not showing on the account.
I’ve noticed something else that when I go to the MetaMask APPLICATION ON MY IPHONE it shows transactions on the Shiba Token section but not showing the balance on the account, that tells me that there is something wrong on your end cause whatever shows on the APP should show on the extension and vice versa.
ok is there any way that I can move these tokens through Etherscan ???