Adding ERC20 token logo to MetaMask

Hi everyone,
I have an issue IDK how to go about it, please help.
We have recently released our token - FTN - and would like to add the logo to MetaMask. We have followed the steps in registering-your-token.html#code-free-example guide, BUT:

  1. The logo doesn’t show under the “assets” list.
  2. It only shows when you lick on the token in the “assets” list to view the details.

What are we doing wrong?

Also, I’d like FTN to be discoverable via the “import assets” search bar.

Thanks in advance for the help

Hello @ItsNorthw1nd, welcome to MetaMask community!

This is how you can register the token, but it won’t be instant.

Import assets is more of a curated list of tokens, not every token gets to be on it. Mostly major ones. But it can be imported by activating the enhanced token detection in your wallet, on mobile at least.


Thank you for the reply!

We have actually completed all the steps in the link that you have shared, however:
The token still appears without a proper logo under the “assets” list, BUT it has the proper logo when you click on it and it takes you to account 1/FTN. Can you assist with this?

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