How can I display my token logo in metamask?

Hi, friends
I have launched my token based on ERC-20 in binance smart chain and registered my token there.
So I can see token logo on bscscan.
Now I want to display my token logo on metamask wallet.
If I import BNB token on your metamask wallet, I can see logo but I can’t see my token logo.
How can do it?
If someone knows this, pls let me know.

Hey @shengang1120, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

MetaMask currently uses CoinGecko for its data so your token will need to have a logo on there.

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I have already listed my token on coingecko

Have you also submitted a token logo and has it been approved by them?

yes, I have already submitted and so I can see my token logo in coingecko

This article on our Knowledge Base may help you:

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