Alternative methods for wallet recovery

Description: Hi, there should be an alternative method to recover the wallet if the user forgets the secret recovery phase and password. Currently, there is no way to recover the wallet if the secret phrase and password are lost. Sometimes, users may encounter any incident of losing their secret phrase and password. I accidentally lost my secret recovery phrase and password and now there is no way to recover my wallet. I used that wallet to mint my $800 worth of domains and now all is lost because I accidentally lost the secret phrase. This is quite stressful. There should be a solution to every problem and we should not be stuck in a situation where there is no way out.

Purpose: Wallet recovery

Extension/Mobile/Both: Both


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What solution to the problem do you propose?


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The programmers better know the solution to this issue because I am not a cyber security expert. They should design a suitable method to recover the secret phrase or password. In my opinion, password or secret recovery phrases should also be stored by the website so that if users lost them, they can contact the website to recover their wallet. I know there is a method to recover the secret phrase by the "inspect’ method but it only works if we did not delete the browser or clear the cache. If we clear the cache or re-install the browser, the solution becomes useless.

All of the above methods of storing a phrase with third parties are unsafe. :upside_down_face:

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