Secret Recovery Phrase (Mnemonic) Missing

Hello Sir

my computer crashed suddenly and could not open. all data is lost and Secret Recovery Phrase (Mnemonic) cannot be backed up. for which I want to get back this Secret Recovery Phrase (Mnemonic) … important. urgent please sir

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Hello @NixkMWey , welcome to the metamask :fox_face: community.

Did you save your phrase anywhere or your wallet private key . You can also import your wallet with private key


I save in PC, in notepad …pc is broken all data is gone.

there are other ways to get it back. now I’ve repaired the pc and want to open it again, that’s the problem

please …my token price all in… :joy:

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Okay . Hold on for a community guide or an administrator to assist you on your issues . Be careful about scammers or impostors on this forum .


can get back to Secret Recovery Phrase (Mnemonic) Missing you feel?.

Hi NixkMWey -

Check this article from the MetaMask Knowledge Base. There are two possibilities in it for possibly recovering from your vault…worth a shot. Do not uninstall the MetaMask extension.


This is the method of data recovery shared by others. You can have a look

now the new format pc…setup new windows. can you still get it back?

my pc new format all…use google chorme

hardics is broken…new hardics new format…if you follow this method

…it still stays on the pc first.

Have you tried using the Vault Decryptor?


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