Anyway to disable gaslimit buffer?

Can someone please clarify in what condition does MetaMask auto increase gasLimit by 50% (gas buffer)? Is it for all contract interactions or just erc20 transfers? Also, is there anyway to turn it off, as a user or developer?

more context

As an EVM chain developer, I am facing an issue that our gasLimit can’t be randomly altered. When MetaMask auto increase gasLimit by 50%, it might cause transaction to fail. So I hope MetaMask uses the exact value returned from eth_estimateGas RPC, is there anyway to achieve it?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi @kaboji -

I’ve inquired about this, will report back what I hear!


Hey! Is this your GH ticket?


There is an explanation for this. And I’m wondering what error logs do you get when a transaction fails?

Also on Infura says:


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