Apecoin problem

i have bought APEcoins from pancakeswap and send them at binance via metamask wallet. I never see them at binance and after speak with them, they return my coins back to metamask wallet (after a month). Now i see that coins at metamask (BSC mainnet). This problem solved, BUT i see at txHash that my coins cost 15$ each and when i am going to swap in metamask give me a price 0.020$.
I bought wrong coins from the start, or i must do something to see that coins at eth mainnet and have the 15$ price?

from metamask to binance 0xcb3a53083813d6939e06148a20fc237fc33978605b32a62e6af6926a92696c54

recover from binance to metamask 0x8bab1bc60cb6b915ec995767f2b71ce00291f802b8242136e688f18f59cc284a

my metamask adr 0x6c5701D26BB2EFb83fAfD324D7D24d199F80611F

i try some send/receive to solve it alone, 2-5 coins if you see something strange there.

Hi @aurasax you bought this token :point_down: APEcoin.dev and its price is now 0.02793$ not 16.31$


BscScan page displays incorrect price :upside_down_face:


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