Approval Spending cap not possible

Hi, hope anyone can help me. I have to approve a Spending cap for usdc in my wallet. It is not possible because when I click on :View full transaction details below the window to get the Approve’ function I get a error message . How can I solve this probblem?

Hello @Question, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Please let us know which error you are receiving.
Moreover, make sure that both the browser and your MetaMask wallet are the latest version.


Hi, Thank you Maryam for your quick respond. My browser(Chrome) and MetaMask is off the latest version. I installed it 2 days ago. The error message is: Cannot read properties of undefined (readingmap). I have this message with firefox and Chrome. I have two wallets on the same computer. On different browsers. Hope you can help me! I am stuck now in the proses of approving. Have a nice day!

Thanks for the response. Do you encounter this error on every site or only one site?

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I only have experience with one site. I did’n use other Dapps up till now. Is anti virus program or vpn causing this perhaps?

The issue may be related to that site then. If that is the case, then you had better contact the support of that project. Make sure that the support is legit and NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and the Private Keys with anyone and NEVER enter them on any sites.

To check that you can approve spending the tokens, you had better check other official dApps such as Uniswap. Again make sure that the sites are legit before any interaction.


Thanks for your help!

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