Assistance please

hi, why can’t I pass science on the forum and get a certificate? I’m writing here because I have nowhere to go, it doesn’t let me write in personal messages, it doesn’t let me open a topic either, it only lets me write on the forum, put varnishes and bookmarks, and share the thread! thanks .

Hi Optimo,

What is the question you have for MetaMask? Thanks!

Hi @Optimo this function is disabled :smile: nobody here has a certificate :page_facing_up:

Ok , thanks bro , and they told me that there is, maybe I misunderstood something

, thank you for responding, I was already explained below that there is no certificate here on the forum, and that this function is closed, thank you

Hi Optimo,

Do you mean the badges? This has been turned off on this forum.


He means this:

@discobot where is my certificate? :grin:


Got it, thanks @Luigi .

Optimo, if you have questions relating to MetaMask or the forum, just let us know!


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