Automatically send tokens to charity!

Could be great to be given the choice to allocate a part of incoming tokens to charity (based on a slider choice [0,1% → 5%]) !

Problem :
Most charities currently create tokens to promote their cause, incuring additional marketing costs etc.

Solution :
Let the user configure their wallet to automatically donate (pre-defined or not) tokens to pre-selected charities

Benefits :
Capture value based on the user’s will without introducing a new token
Helping charities to collect funds and act for good
Develop the brand image of Metamask worldwide, being a first mover in this sector !

We have the people to develop such feature, feel free to ask questions or enhancing this idea ! Thanks a lot !

Hey @Caufman, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Great suggestion, thanks for sharing!

You mentioned that you have the people to develop such a feature, well you actually can with Snaps through MetaMask Flask :slight_smile:

Here is more information on the MetaMask website: