Auto-detect of the LikeButton.eth token

Good morning and Good evening Metamask developers,

I would like to send forward my request for the auto-detection of the LikeButton.eth :heart: token in the Metamask wallet. The LikeButton.eth :heart: token is a non-profit project created by ENSPunks (Twitter: @ENSpunks). The token is an SBT that can be sent to users who’s created a content that the token sender appreciates. The token is now distributed to many users in the community and you can find a list of token activity in its own Twitter BOT at @ENSLikeButton.

At the moment, the token has to be added manually to the MetaMask wallet. It would be great to have the token added to your registry of approved tokens for auto-detection.

On behalf of the LikeButton.eth :heart: and ENS community, we appreciate any effort by MetaMask in resolving this request; thank you!

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You can take a look at the following scheme. You can detect token by turning on experimentation


Thank you. This definitely did come into consideration but I think it’s not a solution. I wouldn’t recommend it to the LikeButton.eth :heart: community mainly because the experimental auto-detect-all-token feature leaves them at risk of also detecting scam tokens. The LikeButton.eth :heart: project is an authentic token with a real community supporting it.

I would really like you to reconsider this feature request. :pray:

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Hey @wolfram.eth ,

Welcome to the MetaMask community :fox_face:

You can follow how to register the token here: Registering Tokens with Users | MetaMask Docs


“MetaMask auto-detects some major popular tokens and auto-displays them”

What are the criterias for a token to become popular enough to be auto-displayed on MetaMask? Perhaps the Likebutton.eth community can work something out and prove itself worthy of being auto-detected.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will be implementing these in the tools for LikeButtons.eth.

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I am the creator of the likebutton.eth project, and new to the MM Community Discourse.

Please find my original write up of the Project on the ENS DAO Forum (I can’t add the link as a brand new member)

Per the original write up and suggestion by Nick.eth I transferred 90% of the :heart: Tokens have been transferred between the ENS DAO community and WG wallets. I believe 1 thing slowing adoption and creating friction is the need to import the :heart: Token to MM, I don’t use CB Wallet but users have confirmed the :heart: Token appears in their wallet automatically.

Please consider adding :heart: Token to the MM wallet for auto-detection. :heart: Token address: 0x0469dFb82A816C5F0a566625Cec09216A721E90e

:pray: @wolfram.eth for initiating this request.


its all seems realy good ! :face_with_monocle:


Hey @wolfram.eth and @ENSPunks.eth,
in order to be auto-detected In MetaMask a token needs to be in at least three different community managed token lists. So if you’re looking for a way to be auto-detected, that’s the way :slightly_smiling_face:. We do it so to prevent displaying potential scam tokens to our users.

You can always also use the wallet_watchAsset API method to suggest your users to add your token and remove that friction of doing it manually. You can read more about the method here: RPC API | MetaMask Docs .


:pray: thank you for the insights

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