If there are commonly used tokens in the user's wallet, I recommend metamask to display them automatically

Even if I have common tokens like USDT, USDC, uniswap in my wallet, MetaMask doesn’t show them automatically, and users have to add contracts by themselves. This is very troublesome.
I know that MetaMask is unwilling to automatically display other tokens for the safety of users’ funds, but we can do better on the basis of security.

I don’t mean to show all the tokens, but the most used ones, or those in the top 300 or 500 by market cap, which are generally safe.
for example
BSC Chain: BUSD, cake


Hello @tuya ! Welcome to MetaMask community !
Token detection is actually currently available.


Thanks for your reply, it solved my problem to some extent. But I still think it’s better for users to automatically show commonly used tokens.

The reason is:

  1. Many users don’t know that the token can be displayed in the settings, and they will find the token’s contract to add it. The user experience would be better if these secure common tokens were automatically displayed.
  2. The current solution will display all tokens after detection. There are many tokens that are not safe, especially BSC and polygon. That is to say, in order to display common tokens, users have to display all tokens.

In general, I think ETH+common tokens are displayed by default > only ETH is displayed by default

So, if I were the product designer, I might do something like this:

  1. By default, some of the most commonly used tokens are automatically displayed. In fact, some wallets have already done so.
  2. The settings can allow users to display all tokens or hide less commonly used tokens.

I think this solution is better than the current one, of course this is just my own idea :joy:


i got it )
you wanna something like ‘White List’ of tokens )
good idea i like it

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How can i add my token to the list of tokens which automatically appear in MetaMask if a holder has them? From a dev perspective, i want all my airdrops to be seen automatically rather than receivers adding them manually? How can i do that?

The article cited by snwlprd above has the answer. try this:
Settings > Experimental > Use Token Detection


@el_nanko also please review the “Registering a Token with Users” section of the MetaMask docs here, thank you!