BEP-20 token - Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs

since yesterday all the transactions involving the Chad Doge token (smart contract: 0x9057b0cd872fc9aff51be423361423202d27f7dd) are failing, returning as error message " BEP-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.".
The status of the transaction changes according to gas setups:

  • gas price = 5 and gas limit = 100.000: Fail with error ‘TransferHelper: TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED’
  • higher gas limit: Fail with error ‘PancakeLibrary: INSUFFICIENT_LIQUIDITY’
  • higher gas price: Fail with no further explanations

I read on Reddit that some of these problems are connected with liquidity pool scams but this doesn’t make any sense, the token is still in a presale phase without an existing pool and it’s not locked. Also, the problem has surged all in a sudden, the time span between the last successful transaction and the first failed one was of just a few minutes. Can anyone help?