Fail transaction bep token

i created a bep 20 token

i have sent it part of it in more than 8 new wallets after that every transaction is failing…even if i go 40 gwui and max gas limit its still fails

this token doesn’t have liquidity so i don’t understand why…
spent over 20 dollars already on fail transactions please HELP.
bscscan. /tx/0x39a13768516dac3f3a8a0d0d689a573bdd11c3d148045df61bc48d9b417c3cc6?fbclid=IwAR2KaiDLT-HHlYkTUBoYaMLywsQc13Ug3MPt6xJPLcco3hnqGlDQ8fCYuMw

please help