Binance Smart CHain USDC to COINS PH USDC

I’ve used my metamask BSC wallet to send my USDC 0x8ac76a51cc950d9822d68b83fe1ad97b32cd580d
using the send functionality of metamask to my coins ph. The problem is coins ph doesn’t support BSC
so my funds cannot be transferred to coins ph
but it was already dedcuted from my metamask bsc wallet
now i’m hoping that my funds can be recovered


please open a support ticket here with necessary info such as your wallet’s public address and transaction hash Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.



I’ve sent it already although i’m still waiting

Ticket ID: 277240

Here is the details of transaction i cannot send a link nor a image here so here are the details i can only provide:

Wallet: Metamask
Public ID: 0x97f45728cE809B12B92Db414E767Ba3f580d466E
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Token: Binance-Peg USD Coin

Wallet: Coins ph
Token: USDC
USDC Public ID:0x693291e3523a59eeb3cb3ca5beac064eab5e0dc2

Upon asking coins ph Here is what they said
“As much as we want to recover your funds, we, unfortunately cannot view or receive transfers sent through the BSC network (or any other private network/sidechain). This is because our system does not have the capability to do so. Since we cannot view transfers because of this, we also cannot recover transfers done through this network.”


Je suis très novice,
J’ai fait une mauvaise manipulation,

J’ai envoyé des pancakeswapes par erreurs sur metamask à partir du site Binance.
Je voudrais impérativement les transférer de nouveau sur binance SVP.

Je ne comprends pas les termes de monnaies, ni comment faire.

Pouvez vous m’aider svp.

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Di mo na marerecover yan.

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i still emailed them, hoping they can give me some good news.

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I have the same issue. It’s been 1 month since and the ticket is still open and never get any feedback. goodluck!


try to email them again they replied to my previous concern which took 10 days. hoping they would reply also to my current concern.

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Hello, just to ask were they able to recover your cryptocurrency? Had the same issue used Metamask BSC to coins ph, my transaction was successful but it did not reflect on my coins ph account. :—(

still waiting for reply hahaha