Traspaso de USDC entre mis wallets de metamask de BSC y FANTOM

Hola , paso el Txn hash: 0xa286fc4a1efeeaedbc37957e64c6a2675ac79656be32e9e31a9b502e531fce64

hice un traspaso desde mi wallet BSC a Fantom de USDC . no se si es posible recuperarlo ,si alguien puede ayudarme se lo agradeceria.saludos.

Hi Miguel @zapiron305 this address 0x30af8e7CA04ea084a1f71009AAC1fa2Ce262d747
is a MetaMask ETH address or some crypto exchanger?

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Hi Luigi, this is a my wallet metamask , I wanted to send USDC from my BSC metamask wallet to the FANTOM one, there is an option that allows it (I send you a photo)

Hi Miguel @zapiron305 so this :point_down: is your MetaMask account 2?

If you want to send USDC (BEP-20) to Phantom network :point_down: you need a bridge.
For example:


So the money cannot be recovered? It is so as not to bother you anymore with my questions. And thanking you for your help

@zapiron305 I still don’t know :sweat_smile: what is this address:
0x30af8e7CA04ea084a1f71009AAC1fa2Ce262d747 metamask address or crypto exchange…?

I need to know who the owner of this :point_up_2: eth address.

You can contact me on telegram :slightly_smiling_face: If you want.
You can find my telegram username in my profile: Profile - Luigi - MetaMask

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Hi Luigi, this address is mi account FANTOM of metamask,I added the USDC contract but nothing

Hi Miguel, OK super :grin: :+1: now I understand…

:one: Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

:two: Switch from Fantom Opera to Binance Smart Chain network

:three: Open: USD Coin price, USDC chart, and market cap | CoinGecko
and click to MetaMask icon :fox_face::point_down: BNB Smart Chain


:four: Send some BNB (BEP20) to address: 0x30af8e7CA04ea084a1f71009AAC1fa2Ce262d747

:five: If you want USDC (BSC network) moved to a Fantom network :point_down: use the page: SpookySwap

:six: Finito :grin: swap may take a few minutes :clock1:

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