Blockchain gaming inside Metamask

I have an interest in developing blockchain games to be run inside Metamask on Android. This is because I do not want to reinvent my own wallet system. The obvious choice is to utilise the browser and allow the user to connect their wallet. I am running into difficulties. The built-in Android browser gets stuck doing more ordinary tasks. You can see this clearly if you try to login to these community paged from the Android browser or try to launch a quest in the blockchain game on the Metamask homepage - Brave Frontier Heroes. The built-in Andoid browser isn’t quite there yet. This is putting me off learning how to integrate Metamask into a web page, because I am worried the support isn’t there on Android for complex browser operations.

Hey @Saftmanstar, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Would you be able to submit an issue on GitHub with information such as MetaMask app version, Android device and version and any error messages you receive?


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