BNB did not fall into Metamask wallet

After making a transaction from binance to metamask normally done by me, this time it was not debited from the metamask wallet even though the transaction was marked as “Success”. I would like a brief resolution.


  • I have already performed the portfolio reset
  • I already uninstalled and installed it again
  • the network was and is right
  • I made other transactions and was successful

scrub in support with link and print #510289

I’ve been waiting for support for over a week with no response, I ask you to have more commitment to the user!

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Hey @Lonci, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please make sure that the transaction from Binance has been sent to the right address and that you are on the right address on your MetaMask wallet.

Thank you for submitting a ticket to our support team, and sorry to hear about the wait. They will be with you as soon as they can!

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As described, the right wallet was sent and on the right network

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It’s not possible that the biggest company in this segment won’t be able to help me, it’s been more than 7 days waiting for an answer and nothing concrete so far.

This amount is missing and I sincerely hope it will be revised.

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Almost a week after the transaction was debited from the account!