BNB to metamask

PLEASE HELP ME, I don’t understand why I have not my bnb after transaction from binance. I have created smart chain network, but I have nothing. I never had problems with the withdrawal to metamask, my wallet had already received other withdrawals and this one did not come.

0x0bB69A8a68DaaAD104b48eBF8c8b2dEafbB84D52 mu wallet
0x0e02f675cebcc063aaf9bd12226e9a711fefba99a22eae6719595614356d3c9e the transation

Hey @lucastrocoli, it looks like your transaction was successful and delivered to address 0x0bB69A8a68DaaAD104b48eBF8c8b2dEafbB84D52. You have made several other transactions with BNB afterwards, which is likely why your balance is different.