BNB from Exodus (and mining payout) wallet to Metamask

  • I have BNB in my Exodus wallet (bnb***… address.)
  • I want to move some of these BNB to Metamask (weirdly identical to my Metamask ETH address?)
  • Metamask is connected to BSC Mainnet RPC and reports no errors.
  • I do not have an account at any Binance web site and wish to avoid creating one.

What is the recommended method for doing this?

Also, I am receiving mining rewards in BNB (bnb***). I wish to shift my mining payout address to my Metamask wallet.

How to accomplish this?

Hey @ParaplegicRacehorse Welcome to the Metamask community.
You can use the Exodus wallet to send the BNB to Metamask directly.
Your wallet address can be same for both ethereum mainnet and BSC smart chain, you can use the same address.

This makes no sense. Exodus BNB wallet is a bnb*… format address (not BSC?) but Metamask is only BSC? I’m choosing not to try it, for fear of losing my funds, until someone can confirm everything will be okay.

That’s super-weird given they are two different, unrelated networks. But there’s no support in Metamask for non-BSC BNB? So I cannot send my non-BSC BNB to Metamask without using a bridge?