BNB Memo of my wallet BSC in Metamask

I am trying to send BNB from my wallet and they ask for “BNB Memo” and in addition to the wallet address of course.

My Metamask wallet in BSC has “BNB memo” ??? and what is the name of the wallet?

Thank you

Hi @Isma. Welcome to the MetaMask Community page.
The BNB Memo field should be used only when sending into an exchange account, to make sure your transaction is being identified and routed correctly to your account. If you’re sending into your personal wallet, you don’t need to fill this field.

More details here: How to Deposit on Binance | Binance Academy

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Thank you Andrea ¡¡¡
And in the wallet name field?

hmm, not sure about that.

Are you trying to whitelist your account?

I found the following article from that could help :
Crypto Withdrawals - general information | Help Center

Hello Isma, I am just a Metamask user like you. Here’s what I did from my Crypto . com wallet. I wanted to send my BNB from Crypto wallet to Metamask Wallet.

  1. Open Google Chrome Extensions then look for “Binance Chain Wallet” then install it.

  2. Login to Binance Chain Wallet with your Metamask Seed Phrase and password.

  3. Change the network of your Binance Chain Wallet from “Binance Smart Chain” to “Binance Chain Network”. —> This is VERY IMPORTANT

  4. Send your Crypto . com BNB to the address of your “Binance Chain Network” and you will see that you will receive it shortly.

  5. Send the BNB from “Binance Chain Network” to “Binance Smart Chain Address”.

  6. Finally, send the BNB to your Metamask Wallet.