BNB pulled out of wallet, after token purchase


So I decided to purchase this token for 0.2 BNB: FoxyDoge (FOXYDOG) Token Tracker | BscScan

And I knew the risk: I could lose the money and would be fine with it. But they managed to take all my BNB from my wallet (7,2 BNB) and give me something like 0.00000001 in return

BSC Scan says that I received 14,585,480,537,524.717475233 Tokens. But my Metamask wallet shows 0.000000001.

So I was never able to sell it back. How could this go wrong? How did they manage to make me swap 7.2 BNB when I chose to swap 0.2 BNB. And only give me 0.000000001 token.

Please help!