Lost Token due failed SWAP

Hi Metamask Support!

I’m not quite sure if this is the right site to write but I don’t know where I should write this, and as I used metamask… Here my problem:

Last night I tried to swap the Token NFTART ( 0xf7844cb890f4c339c497aeab599abdc3c874b67a ) to BNB.

But then the Transaction failed and the token were gone, I got them neither in BNB nor in NFTART.

Here the link to the Transaction:

This is showed in the Activity Log:

ctivity log

Transaction created with a value of 0 BNB at 21:05 on 4/28/2021.

Transaction submitted with gas fee of 0 WEI at 21:05 on 4/28/2021.

Transaction confirmed at 21:05 on 4/28/2021.

What happened with my tokens? I would be very thankful for an answer!
Have a nice day!
Mister Y

Its me again Mister Y i forgot to mention that i did the Swap via Pancakeswap.