[BUG] After the new version of iOS is upgraded, the JS-SDK becomes invalid

After upgrading to the latest version of iOS (v5.12.3), JS-DApp cannot call MetaMask’s JS SDK and cannot jump to MetaMask App from the mobile web page.

Hello @orzliam, welcome to MetaMask community!

I asked the team about your issue. Will let you know when they have an answer.
Please let me know if you managed to work it out until then.


You will need to update the SDK too. Which test dapp are you using? Any urls?

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Hello, you can try the official SDK link of MetaMask, also can’t connect the iOS app of MetaMask.

The official SDK link of MetaMask: http s: / /c0f4f41c-2f55-4863-921b-sdk-docs.github.io/test-dapp/

Hello, can you try using this dapp instead?

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Also, there is a dedicated SDK discord server for support and updates. You can join here if you are interested:


This SDK does not work either. Please try it yourself, the latest iOS MetaMask is invalid for the SDK. T T

@orzliam did you join that Discord to chat about it?

Yes, I’ve joined that Discord. But I found that there has been no interaction in Discord for several days, and no one has replied to my message.

I judge that the way to solve this problem should be to inform the head of the iOS engineer of MetaMask, because this is a bug that appeared after updating iOS. Can someone please contact the engineer?
It seems that nearly 10 days have passed since leaving the message, but there is no effective progress.


Yes, will pass along :slight_smile: !

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@orzliam We are currently working on a solution for iOS JS-SDK; as soon as it is available, we will post it here.


OK! Thank you! I’ll be watching this closely.
But by the way, maybe the upgraded iOS version does not support Universal Links? Just my guess.

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