BUSD didn’t receive - Help please!

I made two withdrawals from Binance to MetaMask and the first withdrawal was received in MetaMask but the second hasn’t been received yet.

Txid - 0x44184587db6829857e7865b5591e0c7126cf5910debd22bd7c3704b86b9cd2e9

Hi according to this transaction id all transactions are confirmed, we can’t identify your wallet as it is sent to several wallet at the same time. It will be better if you paste your wallet address here so we can have a look.

It looks like there has been only one transaction of BUSD in your wallet address.

Please make sure that the second transaction from Binance has been confirmed and successful.

Metamask address - 0xe7869b0e197ECA9FB929BEf300E19d90741C9A53

The second transaction from Binance has been confirmed and successfully completed but it hasn’t reached Metamask.

Make sure that it was sent to the correct wallet address.

If it was the correct wallet address, I would suggest reaching out to the Binance team.

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I just realized the network I’ve used for missing withdrawal is ETH. And for the first transaction, I had used BSC. How could I fix this issue?

Yes BUSD are available in ETH network in your provided address. You can switch network to ETH in your Metamask wallet and fund some ETH to oay the transaction fee to send those BUSD to another wallet.

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