Sent BUSD from binance to metamask- not received

Hi. I sent 20 BUSD from binance to Metamask, but have not received in Metamesk. Transaction is complete on binance & binance support says there is nothing more they can do from their side.

I got the contract address off coingecko & added the coin to my metamask wallet. I also added the binance smart chain network to my metamask wallet.

Txn ID on BscScan is 0x7ecad09a92a6599c300e72e9be99977ac7e38fd29bb54e4e0960c3fb4e53c9d3

Please help.

Thanks for the reply. The public metamask address that was supposed to receive the 20 BUSD is 0xE3c6b0b498d47056Eb5BBDF07e6225F770225C8C

Thank you so much. Found it.

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