BUSD from Binance ended up as Eth token Please Help

I bought BUSD from Binance. Sent it through BEP-20 to my metamask ( i have added binance chain on metamask) I have also sent BNB. BNB went through, however, It is not appearing on my BNB network. Only BNB appeared. BUSD doesnt appear. ( i have manually added BUSD token. Does not appear. Yet it appears as erc-20 on eth on my wallet. Please help.) I have googled and found a guide. I have since sent it back to binance. But yet to receive any news from them, they got me to submit an appeal form. Meantime, The BUSD is showing up as ERC-20 on my wallet. Any mods / admins can help me ? Is there any way i can fix it on my end? Appreciate the help as I am urgent on this.