Where are my busd

I send busd from binance to metamask by bsc and don’t see them on my metamask account. Ofcourse I dont have them on Binance. Binance support said they send them. What could go wrong with my busd and how can I recover them?

Hi, did you setup Binance smart chian network on MetaMask? You need to have it set up if not. Here’s link: SetUpSmartChain . After that select Smart chain network, You need to add the token to appear in ur account - Add Token and Enter BUSD and save. You should be able to see BUSD after that. Hope that’s helpful.

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Thank you for the helpful reply @deeqoo!!

You’re correct. @shogun will need to add the BSC & add the custom token.

I had bsc on metamask, I’ve send bnb many times, I also added token busd to metamask and saw it on metamask but I saw 0 tokens busd there. with this busd is strange situation, I sent it but didnt see it (it was 0), I saw them later on ValueDeFi and generali see them on diferent swap sites, and after swaping on 1inch i see them now on metamask. So its a bit strange but fortunately I didnt lost them. Thank you for advices

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That’s great to hear. Sometimes there can be delays but BUSD is usually pretty good and 0 fees at least when I sent to Turst Wallet. I assume its the same with Metamask, I only have BNB/ETH in my metamask.

BUSD Token on Metamask points to the ETH contract, all you have to do is add a custom token and add the BSC contract from coingecko to see your balance.

Or Metamask can update it for BSC contract

That is happening because the BUSD is currently hidden in your Metamask wallet. You have to add BUSD token in Metamask wallet to make it visible. You have to add the contract address and add the token to make the BUSD visible in your account. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can use in case you don’t find BUSD contract address.