Where are my busd

I send busd from binance to metamask by bsc and don’t see them on my metamask account. Ofcourse I dont have them on Binance. Binance support said they send them. What could go wrong with my busd and how can I recover them?

Hi, did you setup Binance smart chian network on MetaMask? You need to have it set up if not. Here’s link: SetUpSmartChain . After that select Smart chain network, You need to add the token to appear in ur account - Add Token and Enter BUSD and save. You should be able to see BUSD after that. Hope that’s helpful.

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Thank you for the helpful reply @deeqoo!!

You’re correct. @shogun will need to add the BSC & add the custom token.

I had bsc on metamask, I’ve send bnb many times, I also added token busd to metamask and saw it on metamask but I saw 0 tokens busd there. with this busd is strange situation, I sent it but didnt see it (it was 0), I saw them later on ValueDeFi and generali see them on diferent swap sites, and after swaping on 1inch i see them now on metamask. So its a bit strange but fortunately I didnt lost them. Thank you for advices

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That’s great to hear. Sometimes there can be delays but BUSD is usually pretty good and 0 fees at least when I sent to Turst Wallet. I assume its the same with Metamask, I only have BNB/ETH in my metamask.

BUSD Token on Metamask points to the ETH contract, all you have to do is add a custom token and add the BSC contract from coingecko to see your balance.

Or Metamask can update it for BSC contract