Calling all MetaMask Developers

Hello, I was told by Nick in the Chat to write in the Developers about how do we become listed as a Quote source, aggregator or individual market maker, for Metamask?
Please advise
Thank you

Was this in a public event or developers call recently? Trying to figure out which team or teams is best to get you connected with.

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Hi, it was not in a public event or in a developers call. I reached out to the chat and Nick told me to post in developers community page (the link that he provided sent me here). I would like to know how to partner with or become a listed Quote Source for Metamask? What are the details to become a Quote Source similar to ACG or RFQ? Are you able to guide me to the correct team or person? Thank you in advance.

You’ll want to reach out to Airswap. They’re who handles that particular function of swaps. (Contact links are at the top of the page. I don’t have a direct contact for their team, sorry)

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Thank you so much @HiroProtagonist ! I will look into the link that you provided. thx

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