Can be Recover Secret Recovery Phrase without password

I forgot my MetaMask wallet password. But I can unlock it with fingerprint. I want to unlock hidden recovery words with fingerprint

in mobile wallet on android phone.

i can use my mobile wallet with fingerprint but i forgot my password. I want to be able to retrieve hidden recovery phrase using fingerprint

Can you unlock your wallet with fingerprint?
If yes, you can find your recovery words and private key in Settings - Security & Privary


Hi @tuya, Fingerprint can be used to unlock the wallet, but to get the Secret Recovery Phrase Password is needed.


Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,

I do not know how you can get the Secret Recovery Phrase in this case, but to be on the safe side, now that you can unlock your wallet, I suggest you to move your funds to another wallet whose Secret Recovery Phrase has been backed up. In the meantime, the topic is open and other experts may have a solution for this issue.


thanks for the reminder, I got it :joy_cat:


Hello @wbmaster !

The wallet password is unique on each device, you set it yourself. To restore access on a new device, only the seed phrase is needed.


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