Can I connect MetaMask to my Android App?

Hii, I am an Android Developer and I am curious to know that - similar to the web can we send an intent to MetaMask Application and get a user credential?

Hey @Demuth, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Can you clarify what you are trying to accomplish? What kind of user credential do you need, like their wallet address or balance?

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Hello @nakedwinnie, I want to sign a Transaction in my Android D-App. But in order to do so, I need a user public key or a way to Authenticate using Metamask.
So I first thought to provide an EditText where a user enters a mnemonic to log in, but this is very critical for user safety. So I am just finding a way to Authenticate using MetaMask.

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Hello @Demuth.

Have you checked these guides out yet?

Hoping there’s information in there that can help you with what you need to accomplish.


Hii, thanks for sharing these docs.
I use this link -
To create a Deeplink and it is something like this -

So this defines - address, chainID (4), and amount (0.01). So this is working very well for ETH transactions but do we have something similar for the ERC721 smart contract also?.

I’m not very technical in this regard, but have taken the liberty to check github for some insights.

Do these help by any chance?


I find a similar issue on GitHub and asked my question there -


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