Mobile Deeplinking Possibilities


I’m working on unity web3 plugins, I want to use MetaMask on mobile platforms, but the MetaMask docs didn’t enumerates all commands can we use with deeplinking.

Have you a docs who enumerates all commands ?

My goal is to send transation, sign messages …

Thanks for the replies.

Hello @youtpout, welcome to MetaMask community!

The docs we have available for what you require are these, hopefully they can help you out with what you’re trying to achieve.

And these, but SDK Unity integration will be coming soon.


Hello @youtpout !)

If you have specific problems with the implementation, you may open an issue on github or create a separate topic on the forum.

All general information provided by @Chinzilla above :wink:


Indeed. As snwlprd suggested above too, here’s the link to where you can open an issue on GitHub.


Hello , thanks for the reply.
When I checked the deeplinking generator I see some url parameters like :

I just want to know if they have a doc with all possible commands, maybe I need to read the source code to find these.

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I think you will be interested in the following information, use this on github:



Hello, I check the commit, I think I found something in this file

export enum ETH_ACTIONS {
  TRANSFER = 'transfer',
  APPROVE = 'approve',

export enum PROTOCOLS {
  HTTP = 'http',
  HTTPS = 'https',
  WC = 'wc',
  ETHEREUM = 'ethereum',
  DAPP = 'dapp',
  METAMASK = 'metamask',

export enum ACTIONS {
  DAPP = 'dapp',
  SEND = 'send',
  APPROVE = 'approve',
  PAYMENT = 'payment',
  FOCUS = 'focus',
  WC = 'wc',
  CONNECT = 'connect',
  EMPTY = '',

export const PREFIXES = {
  [ACTIONS.DAPP]: 'https://',
  [ACTIONS.SEND]: 'ethereum:',
  [ACTIONS.APPROVE]: 'ethereum:',
  METAMASK: 'metamask://',

Yeah finally I undesrtand, with deeplinking I can’t directly sign from an mobile app, I need to use walletconnect or a dapp to handle the interaction


That’s right, you need to use walletconnect.
For everything else, a deep link will do.

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Ok thanks because i saw a sdk that signs from unity, but i just watched an example video of this sdk, the sdk uses a dapp to sign the tx of MetaMask mobile and the dapp redirects to the game.
It can be a solution but it would require setting up a third-party application to generate the transactions to be signed and sent back to unity.
Otherwise I implement WalletConnect but only v1 is supported by MetaMask and support for this version ends March 2023

@youtpout we plan to support Wallet Connect v2 by the end of Q1 2023.


Ok thank you, I think I will use third party solution with deeplinking and implement wc2.0 in parrallel.

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