WalletConnect v2 Deep Linking with Metamask Mobile

Hi there!
Having some trouble implementing connect with MetaMask (mobile app) using wallet connect.

I can successfully generate a deep link with a URI such as wc://wc?uri=wc:1234567890…
It opens the MetaMask app on my phone but doesn’t show a confirmation popup or anything…

Here is the configuration I used to generate the URI with wallet connect:

namespace: eip155
chainId: eip155:97 (BNB Chain testnet)
operations: [‘personal_sign’, ‘eth_sign’, ‘eth_signTransaction’, ‘eth_signTypedData’, ‘eth_signTypedData_v3’, ‘eth_signTypedData_v4’, ‘eth_sendRawTransaction’, ‘eth_sendTransaction’],

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Hi @loicc ,

Have you read through the section of the “using WalletConnect” in the MetaMask docs here?

WalletConnect 2.0 is not supported yet. Please check out the convo in this previous thread on this topic, along with a GitHub link. Thanks!


Oh right! That makes sense… I guess we just need to wait then!


Hey Ioicc! Did you manage to send transaction requests to MetaMask Mobile on testnets? If yes, please do checkout this issue I am having for my pet project here. It is also using deeplinks but showing inconsistent requested amount in the app.

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Hey! No I couldn’t because MetaMask doesn’t support Wallet Connect V2 yet

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