Connection Issue with Metamask Unity SDK on mobile


We’re trying to integrate MetaMask SDK for Unity to replace the SDK we were using previously. Establishing the connection works fine with the QR code on desktop, but we’re having trouble with deep linking on mobile.

When the app is launched, it immediately switches to MetaMask but doesn’t show the prompt to Connect until the user returns to our app, waits for the wallet to be connected, and the user manually switches to MetaMask. After selecting Connect, the user has to switch back to the app again and only then can we send other requests such as signing.

Is there something that I’m missing? Thank you.

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we are aware of the problem and already working on it by adding support for background services to allow the communication between the Unity app and MM mobile wallet app when the Unity app goes in background. This is needed for the connection to be fully established.

The update should be available really soon as it is under test right now on both iOS and Android.

Thanks for reporting and we can’t wait to see your app with MM SDK :wink:


Thank you, Andrea. I’m glad to hear that this is already being addressed. Should you have any more information regarding its ETA, it would be great to know that as well just so we can plan ahead regarding its integration. I’m sure other developers might likely have run into the same problem and are looking and waiting for a solution too.

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