Can metamask wallet be used as a signer in ethers.js for tranferring ERC-1155 tokens

Hi, I have written an ERC-1155 contract based on open-zeppelin and deployed to polygon mainnet but when I try and call the safeTransferFrom(). function it fails everytime with CALL_EXCEPTION. It seems that this is usually because the contract has reverted in some way or there is an issue with the signer. I see that MetaMask does not support transfer of ERC-1155 contracts from the wallet yet but is this also true when using the wallet as. a signer in ethers? I’m sure I managed to transfer a token on the testnet with the same wallet wehen connected to mumbai testnet. Has anyone successfully done this on polygon mainnet with ethers and MetaMask? Thanks

Hello, welcome to the MetaMask community !)

Can you provide a piece of code where you use safeTransferFrom() ?
And more extensive error output.

MetaMask wallet can receive and store assets aligned with ERC-1155 token standard, and does not YET support sending your ERC-1155 tokens.


Thanks for the reply. Actually I fixed it. turns out I had hardcoded a value for my tokenID while debugging on test5net and forgotten to replace it so the transfer on mainnet was failing as the tokenID did not exist. Thanks for replying though. I’ll close this.


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