I got an ERC-1155 nft in, how do I get it out?

I got an ERC-1155 nft in, how do I send it out to a different wallet? Is there any kind of workaround for this? Why can I get it into the account but not out?


Hi @deirdre and welcome to the MetaMask community!

MetaMask does not yet support sending ERC-1155 tokens, although it is working to implement this feature soon. Meanwhile you can try and use Open Sea for the transfer.

Will leave two articles here for guidance:


Hi! For ERC 1155’s you can transfer using a marketplace, like OpenSea. There is a function on OpenSea that is specifically just for transferring. See the first part of this article that has ‘Transferring NFTs using OpenSea’ for this info. Let us know if you have more questions!


Hi, thank you for your time! But the problems is, when I click on the NFT like in the tutorial, there isn’t a “send” button that pops up when I click on the NFT I want to send. Ideally, I want to get it into my Loopring wallet. Any ideas?


Hi! What network is the ERC-1155 NFT on?

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I will advise you to send their direct support a message for guidance

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: