I can't send my NTF

  I have two NTFs from opensea. Recently, for unknown reasons, opensea locked my account. So I can't send NTF through opensea. I want to send NTF to another account through my wallet, but I can’t send it. It shows “Sending of ERC-1155 NFT assets is not yet supported.” Neither the computer nor the mobile phone can send it. Can this help me solve this problem?Otherwise my two NFTs would never be usable.

Hi @hanyueShen, welcome to MetaMask community!

You won’t be able to send ERC 1155 from your MetaMask wallet, so try finding another NFT marketplace that enables you to send the NFTs you are trying to send.


Thank you, which NFT marketplace do you think might help me complete the sending operation?

I’m not sure. You’ll have to do your own proper research to find a solution for that.


Try the popular NFT marketplace whose name is related to the marine theme :smile: it will work

Open a dispute in the discord of this marketplace with a request to unlock your account and review the case.