Cannot send NFT in browser extension

I use the metamask browser extension for Firefox. My wallet is connected to a ledger nano x. Now I bought an NFT for the first time. I was able to import it into my wallet, but all I see is a grey symbol. In the meantime I found out that this is normal because the browser extension doesn’t really support NFTs. That’s why I would like to send this NFT to another Metamask wallet on my mobile phone. The problem is that I’m not able to send it because the send button is inactive! What can I do? I’m on the binance smart chain. Thanks.

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sorry, I’m afraid that this is scam since I am asked to enter my seed phrase

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Your trust level is “basic user”. THIS IS SCAM!


Good thing you saw it.

Yea Reto <3 you got it right - good call and way to know the scams.

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Hey @Reto, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Have you tried sending on MetaMask mobile? You can import or recover with your Secret Recovery Phrase your wallet address with the NFT on MetaMask mobile and try sending it from there. Please make sure you also have enough BNB in your wallet to pay for the gas fees.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


Thanks for your answer. There are two problems with your idea though: Unfortunately I cannot send it to my mobile app, because the send button is inactive. And I cannot recover the account on my mobile app because I use a hardware wallet (ledger nano x) which is not supported by the mobile app! I don’t know how to find a solution to this problem…

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If your NFT is on your Ledger wallet, you can send your NFT through Ledger Live.

Here is more information:

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Oh, thank you very much, I wasn’t aware of this since I usually do all transactions in Metamask. My NFT is on binance smart chain. According to the link that you sent me the nft needs to be on an Ethereum account. Do you think that it should work anyway? Sorry for this (maybe?) stupid question but I am still a beginner and I can only try this myself in a few days (when I’m back at home)

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Not a stupid question at all, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Binance Smart Chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, so it may work on the Ethereum app in Ledger. Ledger also has a Binance Smart Chain app you can download there as well.

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Great, thank you very much! I’ll update you in a few days :wink:


I checked my ledger wallet and the NFT doesn’t show up anywhere, neither on the Ethereum account nor on the binance smart chain account! The bsc app is installed. What should I do? This is really an annoying situation. I bought an NFT and it’s comletetly out of reach for me. Am I really doomed to wait until the metamask browser extension finally supports NFTs??

Please make sure you are on the correct address that the NFT is on.

If the issue still continues, would you be able to send your wallet address? That would provide more helpful information

Ah, its probably because your NFT is not supported on Ledger Live. Leger Live doesn’t support every BEP token.

Unfortunately, you will likely have to wait until MetaMask mobile is able to connect with hardware wallets to be able to send your NFT, or for MetaMask extension to be able to send your NFT.

So I have no possibility to sell my nft in the meantime?
Do you have any idea when Metamask mobile will be able to connect with hardware wallets? Is that going to happen before or after the browser extension will support NFTs? Thanks

Are you trying to sell or just send your NFT?

You can sell your NFT by listing it on a marketplace like OpenSea, which would be different than a send transaction.

I bought this one on nftlaunchpad_com and as I just found out now I can actually put it on sale there. But what happens if someone buys it? Don’t I have to verify the transaction on my ledger wallet? Is this going to work? Sorry I’ve never sold an NFT before and I have no idea how this works.

Yes, you will have to confirm it on your Ledger. As long as there are no errors, it should work :slight_smile:

Here’s more info on selling an NFT, the information is regarding OpenSea but it’s a similar process in general for selling on any marketplace: