NFTs stuck in a metamask trezor account

I have some nfts stuck in a metamask trezor account. The extension won’t let me interact with them and the mobile app doesn’t support trezor accounts. What can I do?


Try the page

NFT tokens in your MetaMask wallet:



In addition to above, if that doesn’t work just checking to do you have most up to date firmware on your Trezor? Also most up-to-date browser version?

Sharing this article from the MetaMask Knowledge Base in case this helps too:


Thanks for your replie. But mycripto . com, as far as I understand, only manage Ethereum and my NFTs are from BSC.

Thanks! My trezor works perfectly with metamask. The problem is that the metamask extension does not allow to send NFTs, only in the mobile app you can. But the mobile app doesn’t support hardware wallets.

I do not have experience with NFTs on BSC but found this on Binance, would this possibly work?

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@HiddenC Is it expensive NFT? :smile:

Export private key from Trezor wallet:

and import it into the metamask mobile app

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