Nft in metamask wallet

good afternoon, and the development team is planning a function for tracking and disposing of nft from the MetaMask wallet itself?


Hello @stoutsorenakc511.

You can remove unwanted NFTs from being shown in your MetaMask wallet app. However, it is strongly advised against interacting with airdropped NFTs if you don’t trust the source they came from, same as with regular tokens being randomly airdropped to your wallet.



I’m attempting to transfer an NFT from one MM account to another one via the mobil app (and I have plenty of ETH for gas fees). I can see the Ethernity NFT I wish to transfer, when I click on it the supporting Ethernity video plays, then I click send, select my TO account, hit next, but ETH coin is the only thing showing in the drop down menu. Kinda like it’s not grabbing the NFT when I make my selection? Can you please help? Thanks.

Hello @EagleMaster, welcome to MetaMask community!

As an alternative, you can also connect the MetaMask wallet on which you have the NFT to OpenSea and send it to your other MetaMask account address through it. ETH is what you need for gas, ofcourse, and it might appear when you are trying to send it from your MetaMask wallet just because that’s what you pay to send it. Can’t understand clearly how your transaction looks like when you try to do without a picture or more details about it, to be more descriptive with my help regarding your issue.