I sold NFTs via OpenSea but ETH doesn't appear in my MetaMask wallet

Hi, there. I recently launched an NFT collection on OpenSea. I sold two NFTs to friends as a test. The transactions were made via ETH and are recorded on EtherScan. The NFTs appear to have been successfully sold on OpenSea. And the individual buyers appear to own the NFTs as well. The ETH, however, has not appeared in my MetaMask wallet. And I can’t figure out why.

Here’s the transaction hash for one:

And the other:

Any help or advice is appreciated.


Hey @naparstek, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like your transactions were successful and the ETH has been sent to your wallet address. Make sure that you are on Ethereum mainnet :point_down:

Thanks for the reply @nakedwinnie. Really appreciate it. Can you give me a little more detail on how to make sure that I’m on Ethereum mainnet? I’m not sure what that means.

Your wallet can be on another network, to make sure you’re on Ethereum mainnet, click the Ethereum mainnet option and make sure that it is checked :point_down:

Thanks. It looks like I am on Ethereum mainnet. Do you have any other ideas for what might be the issue?

Is your ETH balance showing up as orange? If so, try these steps on our Knowledge Base:

No, it’s not showing up as orange.

Would you be able to send a screenshot of what your ETH balance looks like now in your wallet?


Let me know if you need a different screenshot.

It looks like the correct amount of ETH is in your MetaMask wallet, which is also displayed on Etherscan.

How do you determine that? The two transactions you see in the wallet from Jan. 27 are not the two NFT sales from OpenSea shown in Etherscan’s Internal Txns. Those two NFT sales took place in February. They never show up in the wallet.

I wonder if the problem could have something to do with my needing to import tokens to my wallet? I see this on EthersScan but don’t really know what it means.

The two transactions show that they took place 13 days ago and 15 days ago, not on January 27th, perhaps there’s some confusion with another transaction?

The two transactions on the image you have posted are the transactions of your NFTs out of your wallet. These are related to the two transactions of ETH going into your wallet, occurring at the same time :point_down:

Right. Everything looks good on Etherscan. But these two NFT transactions from 13 and 15 days ago do not show up in my wallet. I posted screenshots of my wallet. You don’t see these two transactions in my wallet screenshot do you? You see two transactions from Jan. 27 in the wallet. Those two transactions from Jan. 27 are not these. These transactions never hit my wallet. That’s the problem I’m trying to resolve.

This is because these are internal transactions, that do not show up on your wallet activity. However, you can see on Etherscan the activity and your current wallet balance. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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Here’s what I am seeing:

On Jan. 27 we made two deposits into this wallet totaling 0.14541425 ETH (about $350 USD at the time).

In mid-February we sold two NFTs, each for 0.006125 ETH after OpenSea took its fees. (about $20 per NFT at the time)

Currently we have a balance of 0.1375 ETH.

So, our current balance is LESS than what we originally deposited in the wallet and does not include revenue from the sale of the two NFTs.

Hi - Are you accounting for how much gwei/gas was when you listed your NFTs? You sold the NFT for .007e but you also paid .0178e for the transaction fee itself. Your transaction fee was for much more than what you sold the NFT for.

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I believe I’m accounting for this. The NFT buyers paid those gas fees. And, yes, the fees were more expensive than the NFTs themselves. I don’t think that I, as seller, paid any gas fees on these transactions.

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D’oh, yes of course - you’re right. :woozy_face:

However, you would have paid gwei/transaction fee to list your NFTs though - do you remember how much that was?

We were not charged any gas or transaction fees when we listed the NFTs on OpenSea. This was surprising to me as I expected we would be. Perhaps we listed the NFTs incorrectly and that is the root of the problem I’m seeing here?