Sold 3 NFTs on OpenSea, but WETH do not show in MM wallet

Hi All

I sold 3 NFTs on OpenSea, (.07, .016 and .0925) but the WETH are not showing in my MetaMask wallet (Chrome extension and App). I used WETH to buy on OpenSea previously and have WETH listed under “Assets” in my wallet but it says 0. The three transactions do show in my Internal Txns on Ehterscan: 0xc876a9c497d732b6c9f7c9205777099c761a2628.

Any idea on how do I get the WETH to show in my MM wallet? I’ve read of many others on this forum with the same issue, but no real answer on how to find the ETH.

Thanks for any guidance,


Hey @craigross, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It does look like there are transactions with OpenSea from the wallet address you sent, but it looks like they were ETH transactions. The transactions were successful and ETH has been sent to your wallet address.

Afterward, there does look like there was a transaction of ETH out of your wallet, which may be the cause of some confusion? You can check the transaction here :point_down:

Thanks for the reply. I think I looked at the ETH balance and didn’t see that move up, either. I will sell another NFT sale and see if I still have an issue.


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