Sold item on OS and no ETH received into my wallet

Hi All helpers!
I’ve sold an item on OS but I can’t see it in my wallet. - the transaction was made in ETH and not in WETH or any other option.
Etherscan transaction Hash shows success in the transfer but when checking Metamask wallet and also on etherscan’s wallet address there is no data regarding this transaction.
Here’s the transaction fromon etherscan from OpenSea:
Here are the wallet address so as you can see no transfer of 1.2/1.05 ETH have been made to my wallet regarding this action:

Can anyone assist?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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I know, but the wallet shows different 0x0bc5898e09362704cb143335f5da7a33d4b88096
no stamp for this action in the wallet

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correct, this is my wallet address.
etherscan doesn’t show any wallet transaction connected to my issue.
in addition, now metamask extension popup an error and doesn’t show my accounts.

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@0xSRxTD look at Internal Txns on the page etherscan.


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