Sold an Nft on Opensea, money never arrived in Metamask

I sold an Nft on opensea but the money never arrived in my metamask.

I have an transaction number however on etherscan it said succeed.
transaction number: 0x404e1cc4677583acaf3c31f949ed12a15b0ff1ccc9827c2b0bcaa0d89bffaae4

Can someone help me to retrieve my fund

Hey @sunshinehead, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Which wallet address are you trying to look for the funds for? Were the NFTs sold from wallet address 0x65Cd2C617Bc22BFD319d940f0187C87d480a2387?

It looks like you have sold several NFTs, and the ETH has been transferred to address 0x65Cd2C617Bc22BFD319d940f0187C87d480a2387.

Good Morning,

Please find attached the screenshot with my wallet.
The thing that I don’t understand here is exactly why there is so many transactions while I sold only ONE Nft thought Opensea to someone. I didn’t made all those transaction (see my opensea screenshot)

Can you help me with this? I’m a bit confused.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 7.31.27 am

According to Etherscan, 20 ERC-721 NFTs were sold, but it does look like OpenSea shows only a quantity of 1 in your Activity.

Since this issue relates to OpenSea, I would suggest contacting the OpenSea team about this.

I have contacted them already but for now I didn’t receive any reply since two days

was this sorted? i have the same issue sold an nft on opensea and not showing in my MM wallet opensea said check the internal transaction which shows they have sent the funds to me but wallet still say zero!?!

They clearly said that they can’t help. Apparently, I paid more gas fee than the price I sold my NFT. Ridiculous

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